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Developed rapidly in the past years, China has become one of the largest die casting countries in the world for its integrated industry chain andthe overall fast upgrading level. With the launch of "Made in China 2025” strategy, the manufacture industry in China steps into a brand newdevelopment period. Meanwhile the die casting industry also meets the crucial period of transformation and upgrading. The Chinese die castingindustry has opened its door to face the opportunities and challenges which are brought by the stable growth of the application fields such asautomotive, telecommunications, aerospace, and electrical machinery industries. Green, intelligence, technology will be further enhanced in thecompetition worldwide.

Leading platform focusing on theChinese die casting market

As the only trade fair focusing on the Chinese die casting market, CHINADIECASTING has established its leading position in the Asian market andcontinues its success to reach a more international and professional level. CHINADIECASTING 2016 covered two halls with 23,000sqm (increased 27%) gathered295 exhibitors (total increased 15% & overseas exhibitors increased 30%), andattracted 12,072 trade visitors (increased 43%) during the three days. At China International Diecasting Congress, more than 40 speakers shared achievements ofnew technologies, industry information and analysis with 200 attendees.
CHINA DIECASTING 2017 will be held from 2017.7.19-21 in Shanghai NewInternational Expo Centre (SNIEC), 2017 China International Diecasting Congress will be held concurrently, Co-Organized by NürnbergMesse China Co., Ltd.Positioning itself as the leading platform for the market, the organizer dedicates on integrating more international resources to the show, aiming at upgrading theplatform to the next level.

Together with non-ferrous alloys andspecial casting technologies

Besides die casting, the non-ferrous casting, especially the light metal casting isemphasized in the future development of the global casting industry. More and
more enterprises put their concentration on it and start business in this new sector.Meanwhile, to face the increasing demand of a professional platform in China, theorganizer decided to launch China Nonferrous Alloys & Special Casting Exhibition(CHINA NONFERROUS) in 2016. The first edition attracted the leading players inthe industry to participate, and was proved to be successful with the academicforums and high efficiency. The concurrent CHINA DIECASTING and CHINANONFERROUS 2017 will again bring knowledge and exchange technologies toinspire the onsite visitors through various topics and onsite events.

Perfect Choice forLeading Companies


Network with International Markets

High Efficient Onsite Program

Development Forum on China Nonferrous Alloys & Special Casting Technologies
5 hot topics focusing on markets, trends and technologies
Hundreds of technical reports and speeches
High ranking participates
Network platform
The 4th China Foundry Science and TechnologyAchievements Trade Fair
Achievements display
Project information release
Business cooperation discussion
Best Die-casting Competition
More than 50 die casters
100+ die casting products
Authoritative experts
Match-Making Events
Link suppliers and buyers
Fact to face communication
Provide solutions
Spread technical skills

Voices from Exhibitors

Idra roup
Congratulations to the success of CHINA DIECASTING 2016! No doubt it is the leading platform in the Chinese die casting industry, with the participation of the most leading companies! It proves again that FICMES is influencing the development of the industry and its importance in the Chinese die casting market. It is a wonderful gallery of new technologies and products. Idra Group exhibits our latest technology every year.
We appreciate FICMES for the hard work and the wonderful platform, and expect continuous success of CHINA DIECASTING!

L.K. Group

The quantity and quality of the trade visitors are guaranteed. L.K. display its die casting machines, post-processing and automation this year, which attracted the attention from visitors. The advanced design and excellent functionality win high appraisal of our customers. We achieved a lot and do appreciate the organizer for providing this excellent platform.

Fondarex China
We participate in CHINA DIECASTING every year since Fondarex’s foundation in China. The effect of the show always exceeded our expectation. As the leading exhibition in Chinese die casting industry, CHINA DIECASTING provides us with an excellent marketing platform. It is also a learning point for us. We learn from experts and other good companies in the industry. The round table forums this year were very impressive. Fondarex will continue joining hands with FICMES for an even better future!

We had a lot of visitors on our stand, which showed high interest to our products. The booth was always crowded and we are overwhelmed all the time. Our new products made a successful debut and won the respect and recognition from the visitors and our customers.


Now even so shortly after the show we can already say that is has been a full success. High quality visitors, interesting contacts and last but not least a highly professional management of the show and all side events.



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