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Press release

The 17th China Die Casting Congress will be held on March 23-25 in Chongqing
Congress Theme: Large Single-piece Die Casting Leads Technological Innovation and Industrial Development

“Large single-piece die casting process”stands out because of its advantages in lightweight, environmental protection, cost-effective and others, which brings great technological change to die casting industry. In the future, with the expanding application of large single-piece die casting, it is expected to replace the traditional stamping and welding process. At the same time, die casting continues to expand in emerging application fields such as 5G, medical, building formwork and intelligent. A promising future is expected. 

China Die Casting Congress (DIE CASTING CONGRESS), an in-depth communication platform since 1997 which discusses the latest technology trends and market dynamics in the die casting industry, and shares the latest research results. DIE CASTING CONGRESS 2022 maintains a high level of professionalism and provides die casting professionals with industry trend analysis, core technology discussion, invaluable opportunity to network and exchange ideas.

DIE CASTING CONGRESS Committee and Industry Support                                                             
Chairman of DIE CASTING CONGRESS Committee
Dr. Xiong Shoume
Vice President, Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society
Professor, Tsinghua University
Mr. Deng Weigong
Vice President, Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society
Chairman / Party Secretary, FAW Casting Co., Ltd. 


Top Enterprises Alliance of Die Casting Industry Chain
In order to promote the synergistic development and innovation of Chinese die casting industry, strengthen cooperation and resource sharing among the alliance partners, Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society and China Foundry Productivity Promotion Center decided to establish the "Top Enterprises Alliance of Die Casting Industry Chain" since 2021.

Chongqing Enterprises Support
Visit Chongqing Casting Factory

1、Focus on the Die Casting Policy, Trend and Market

 Impact of Carbon Trading on Die Casting Industry
 Overview of Die Casting Technology and Market Development
 Personnel Training in Die Casting Industry
 Annual Data Release of Die Casting Industry

2、Large Single-piece Die Casting Leads Technological Innovation

 Product Development and Integrated Computational Materials Engineering
 Development and Application of Alloy Material
 High-end Mould Making Technology
 Advanced Processes and Innovative Technology
 Intelligent Manufacturing and Lean Management
 Die Casting Equipment and Integration Technology

3、Theme workshop — Discuss Hot Topics Together.

Several "theme workshops" will be set up at the DIE CASTING CONGRESS site to deeply discuss hot and painful topics in the industry.
 New Energy Automobile Demand Matchmaking for Die Casting Structural Parts
■ Workshop on Improving R & D Capability of SMEs
 Workshop on Analyzing Casting Defect Solution

4、Dialogue with Industry Experts for Strategic Insights

The organizer will invite senior media "Die-Casting Weekly" to interview industry experts in the form of online live broadcast, to deep explore the industry's pain points and trends.

5、Specific High Quality Products Display

“Specific High Quality Products Display Area" will be set up at the DIE CASTING CONGRESS site, to help the enterprises promote their achievements and technologies effectively, and stimulate their innovation vitality.

6、Social Activities to Expand Industry Resources

Promote Enterprise Brand Publicity

Review of 2021
29     speakers were invited to share their research results and latest technologies on hot topics
23      enterprises displayed their innovation achievements
       industry experts shared their insights on live broadcast
424    delegates participated in the conference

Overview of Participant Enterprises

Contact for Sponsorship
Gillian Li (Ms.)
Tel: +86 24 25852311-203
Email: lmt@foundrynations.com
Contact for Registration
You Yi (Ms.)
Tel: +86 24 25855793
Email: youyi@foundrynations.com

Shanghai New International Expo Centre

Date & Opening Times 
July. 10, 2024  09:00AM-17:00PM
July. 11, 2024  09:00AM-17:00PM
July. 12, 2024  09:00AM-17:00PM