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Focus on the Die Casting Technology and Application Field Development

√ Product Development and Integrated Computational Materials Engineering
  •   Simulation Analysis of Vehicle Parts: Genetic Characteristics and Safety
  •   Simulation Analysis of Full Life Cycle (Material, Mold, Process)
  •   CAE Structural Analysis (Strength, Stiffness, Fatigue)
  •   Original Cost Management Base on Product Life Cycle
  •   Workshop and Factory Building Design for Super Large Castings
  •   Simulation Technology and Process Optimization of Casting Process

 Development and Application of Alloy Material
  • •  Performance Boost of Traditional Al-Mg Alloy
  •   Development of New Casting Al-Mg Alloy with High Strength and Toughness
  •   Development of New Casting Al-Mg Alloy with High Thermal and Electrical Conductivity
  •   Development of New Casting Al-Mg Alloy with High Heat Resistance
  •   Development of New Casting Al-Mg Alloy with High Wear Resistance
  •   Construction of New Alloy Materials Physical Property Processing Database

√ High-end Mold Making Technology​
  • •  Development and Application of Long Life and Free-cutting Die Materials (Die Steel)
  • •  Design and Development of Large Precision and Complex Die Casting Mold
  • •  Application of Additive Manufacturing in Die Casting Mold
  • •  Intelligent Design of Die Casting Mold
  •   Lightweight Design and Manufacture of Die Casting Mold
√ Advanced Process and Innovative Technolog
  • •  Vacuum Die Casting
  •   Pore-free Die Casting
  • •  Semi Solid Die Casting
  • •  Squeeze Casting
  • •  Rapid Prototyping Manufacture
  •   Low Pressure Casting (Chassis, Wheel Hub, Cylinder Head)
  • •  Gravity Casting
  • •  Soluble Core Die Casting Technology

Intelligent Manufacturing and Lean Management
  •   Process Simulatio
  •   Quality Management Syste
  • •  Expert System   
  •   Casting Process and Data Collection for Optimizing Simulation Precision
  •   Intelligent Control System
  • •  Lean Management of Workshop

Die Casting Equipment and Integration Technology
  •   Optimization and Upgrade of Die Casting Equipment
  •   Die Casting Units and Peripheral Equipment Integration
  •   High-precision Detection Technology
  •   Post-treatment and Grinding Technology of Large Castings
  •   Airless Spray (Micro Spray) Technology

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