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Haitian Metal Officially Launch Its HDC Serial Cold Chamber Die Casting Machines and Reaches A Globa
HDC products unveiled
On March 25, 2017, the new products launch event of Ningbo Haitian Metal Forming Equipment Co.,Ltd. (“Haitian Metal”) was grandly held in the multi-function hall of Haitian Group’s new HQ building in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China. Executives of Haitian Group, leaders of Haitian’s domains, the marketing management team, the retailers team, the technical tea and purchase team of Haitian Metal, customer representatives, supplier representatives and news media together witnessed this historical moment. The event officially launched the HDC serial cold chamber die casting machines, which marked that after the entry of the die casting industry last year, Haitian Group officially marketed and promoted die casting machines as new products to the market all over China.

Mr. Le Xiaodong, General Manager of Haitian Metal

The quality of Haitian as a leading national brand

Taking “reliability and durability” as its design tenet, the Haitian HDC serial cold chamber die casting machine has many innovative designs, solves most of the generally existed problems that affect the machine stability and service life, and significantly improves its precision, stability, speed and efficiency, safety and durability.
The guests visited Haitian’s “8+16” highly smart and automatic valve plate production workshop and diecasting machine production workshop. The powerful machining production capacity, flexible processing line, modern tridimensional storage system in the valve plate workshop, and the large-scale, standard and modular production and assembly in the diecasting machine production workshop are all shocking and give further confidence and recognition to the audiences on Haitian’s quality.

The production workshop of Haitian Metal

Achievement of an intention of the global strategic cooperation with FICMES
Mr. Liu Hongchao, the deputy secretary general, Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society and its Foundry Institution (FICMES), Ms. Feng Qi, the project director of NüRNBERG MESSE, Mr. Liu Zhiguo, the operation director of Zhongzhu Technology, Mr. Zeng Weili, the senior information manager of the Diecasting Weekly, and the core members of CHINA DIECASTING project team, together meet with the market team of Haitian Metal. Mr. Hong Jianwen, the head of marketing management sector of Haitian Metal says that from the survey at early 2015, to theproject approval in September, 2015, team establishment in October, 2015, establishment of the company in 2016, to the launch of mature products today, every step of Haitian Metal has been steadily carried out as planned.Haitian Metal puts its first show in any exhibition on the CHINA DIECASTING exhibition in July, Shanghai, where it will bring its HDC serial diecasting machines to the exhibition. Theglobal network, professional operation, branding and market promoting ability of CHINA DIECASTING exhibition are widely recognized in this industry, and FICMES will utilize its plentiful industrial resources to help Haitian build a high-quality national diecasting machine brand, and at the same time, it is also a key move toward global market

A meeting between Haitian Metal and FICMES

Introduction to Haitian Metal HDC diecasting machine
It is introduced that the core components of Haitian diecasting machines use the prefill valve with proprietary patent for invention. The injection mechanism, as the core part of diecasting machines, uses the integral type injection copper bush by matching with the seal structure, and the injection front cylinder cover design to reduce the oil leaking problem shared by the industry; for the displacement detection, Haitian uses non-contact displacement sensor control and dual guide rod structure; for the sensor energy storage, the injection accuracy will be higher and the stability will be stronger together with the energy storage pressure automatic computation software.
As a global top injection molding machine manufacturer, Haitian has over 50 years of design techniques and manufacturing experiences in the aspects of mold clamping and rack parts, and has the most outstanding mold clamping mechanism and rack. It is worth mentioning that Haitian Metal introduces the automatic mold adjusting and speedy mold clamping and other proprietary patent techniques to its the mold clamping mechanism with smaller motion impact and higher repeated accuracy, anti-scouring force, wear resistance, longer service life, and highly accurate and stable and reliable mold clamping force. With respect to safety, Haitian adds many humanized designs, which are conforming to CE standards in all perspectives. At the same time, Haitian also adds new functions including the quality parameters memory, auxiliary computation of injection process parameters, periodic maintenance, neutron pressurization and neutron spraying to its diecasting machine, and realizes the real-time control function and Internet remote control.

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